DC BRAU - Washington DC's First Brewery Since 1956

DC Brau Beer Dinner/Pairing/Tasting Partner Guidelines
We are thrilled to work with you and want your event to be a success.  We do a lot of special events and the success of the event can be tied to a few tried and true best practices.  We would also like to clarify a few expectations, so everyone is clear about what will occur and to be sure that we are all happy with the results. Click here for more information.

Downloads & Design Information
A question we are often asked is "Do you all have something I could give to my customers?" and we are happy to oblige!
The materials provided below are free for you to download and use, to promote DC Brau at your bar, restaurant, or retail outlet.

DC Brau Portfolio
Check out our official product guide for our flagship and seasonal offerings!

Tasting Sheet
Are you hosting a DC Brau tasting event? Simply download and print out our tasting sheet to give to your guests. It provides a list of our packaged products, along with a brief description of each beer.

Shelf Talkers
"Shelf Talkers" are a great way to promote DC Brau in your stores. Simply print out the shelf talkers for each of the beers you sell, cut out the individual cards, and affix them to the shelves, beneath the product.

"Brewed in DC" Posters
You may have noticed that all of our beers are made in Washington, DC. We're proud of the fact that we're the first packaging brewery in the city since 1956, and we put together a few posters you can download an print out to show your solidarity with us!

High-Resolution Photos

The DC Brau Logos & Artwork

Due to licensing restrictions, DC Brau can not provide "The DC Brau fonts", however we can tell you where to purchase them.

ITC Stenberg Regular (DC Brau usage in all lower-case)

And DIN 1451 EngSchrift (DC Brau usage in all upper-case)

The license agreement can be found here:

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