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DC Statehood

Brandon Skall & Eleanor Holmes NortonThe struggle surrounding D.C. Statehood has been both an issue of local and national importance for over thirty years. An active, and vocal, movement has sprung up around this issue, and political groups around the area continue to voice their concern regarding the District of Columbia’s lack of representation in Congress. This tyranny is unacceptable, they say, while we are still subjected to all U.S. Federal taxes, yet continue to be denied full voting representation. The primary grievance surrounding this issue has been voiced both locally and nationally in the slogan, “Taxation without Representation.” 

Protecting the local democracy is essential to this cause. Proponents for D.C. Statehood are quick to note that the District has a larger population than Wyoming, yet Wyoming has the same number of senators as the State of California. Many believe that the close to 600,000 inhabitants of D.C. should have the same voice in how they are governed as the citizens of any State in the Union. 

New Columbia, as the new state would be called, battles with this ongoing struggle for the right to representation. Debates from all angles of the political spectrum continue. And until Congress approves either a legislation or constitutional amendment, the fight will go on 

For more information on D.C. Statehood, please visit: WWW.DCVOTE.ORG