DC BRAU - Washington DC's First Brewery Since 1956

There are several like-minded brewers and breweries out there, who share our passion for creating great brews.

Sometimes we partner with those breweries in order to marry our creativity with theirs, to produce some wonderful collaboration brews.

Baxter Brewing

Baxter Brewing (Auburn, ME)
Launched in January, 2011, Baxter Brewing Co. is the first craft brewery in New England to can its entire line of beers. Located in the historic Bates Mill in Lewiston, Maine, Baxter currently distributes its flavorful and unique craft beers statewide in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Vermont.

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BLUEJACKET (Washington, DC)
BLUEJACKET is the Neighborhood Restaurant Group's first brewpub, which opened in 2013. It is located near the Washington Nationals stadium and the U.S. Navy's Navy Yard, in a location that used to build boilers for ships. The brewery takes its name from the blue jackets worn by Navy sailors. Even prior to opening, the brewery had an impressive list of collaboration beers from Cigar City, Funky Buddha, and DC Brau.

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The Brewer's Art

The Brewer's Art (Baltimore, MD)
The Brewer's Art is a Baltimore, Maryland brewpub and restaurant. Opened on Friday, September 13, 1996. In 2008, it was named by Esquire magazine as the #1 Best Bar in America. The establishment covers two floors: the ground level floor contains a bar and dining room, and the lower level floor contains a smaller bar serving drinks and pub fare as well as multiple small cavernous rooms with tables for eating. It is currently the largest brewer of beer in the city of Baltimore, effectively taking that title upon its opening from the National Brewing Company which closed its doors during the late 1970's.

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Devil's Backbone (Roseland, VA)
Established in 2008, Devils Backbone Brewing Co. is the brainchild of Crandall, who has been in the custom home-building business for 30 years. It was born in Nelson County as a brewpub offering an amazing array of traditional America eats and custom-smoked meats at the base of Wintergreen Resort. Brewmaster Jason Oliver, who worked out of Gordon Biersch's DC location as their regional brew master, came to DBBC in 2007, There, he's crafted 13 award-winning microbrews and taken the prestigious World Beer Cup title for small breweries in 2010. He is continually one-upping himself with an ever-changing selection of American-, English-, German-, Scottish- and Belgian-style beers, as well as experimental brews that defy styles.

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Oliver Breweries
Epic Brewing

Epic Brewing (Salt Lake City, UT)
David Cole and Peter Erickson are the founders and co-owners of EPIC Brewing Company. Cole and Erickson, originally from California, started an international aquaculture company in Utah in 1992. In 2008, Utah law changed allowing these two entrepreneurs pursue their longtime dream of opening a strong beer microbrewery in Utah like those they frequented in the Golden State.

Together, they have teamed with brewmaster Kevin Crompton, formerly from Bohemian Brewery. Crompton has been brewing for more than 13 years and brewed for three Utah breweries and another in Hawaii.

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Oliver Breweries (Baltimore, MD)
Oliver Breweries was established in 1993, the brewing equipment being imported from the U.K., with the aim of creating authentic English Ales. Our hand crafted ales are brewed with imported malt and hops using a traditional single infusion mash technique and open fermentation with English Ringwood Ale Yeast.

Stephen Jones graduated from the University of Warwick, Coventry U.K., with Bachelors of Science(Honors) in Biochemistry. He also has a diploma in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, London. Stephen brewed for the Firkin Brewery in Coventry and Loughborough in the U.K. for six years before joining Oliver Breweries in December of 1999.

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Oliver Breweries
Right Proper Brewing

Right Proper Brewing Company (Washington, DC)
Located in historic Shaw in Washington, DC, we’re a brewery and restaurant serving an eclectic range of house-made ales. We are crazy for yeasts, passionate about our beer, our food, our staff and our community. When you come in for dinner, you’ll find casual American food with a nod to Southern comfort. And you’ll be in a place that is fun, laid back and affordable.

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SKA Brewing Company (Durango, CO)
Somewhere out in Colorado, in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-five, two guys named Dave and Bill learned that while they loved gulping down good beer, they weren't yet old enough to buy it. They figured an answer to their quandry would appear if they drank enough and listened to enough thinking music, also known as SKA.

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SKA Brewing
Stillwater Artisanal Ales

Stillwater Artisanal Ales (World-Wide / Baltimore, MD)
From Brian Strumke's Facebook: "The goal of Stillwater Artisanal is just that, living art. Although packaged within a medium often overlooked for its artistic merits, our desire is to offer something new and intriguing. We present more than just a fine crafted beverage, rather an occasion that evokes an emotion and inspires contemplation. For art is not a sum of actions but rather an approach to life. We draw our inspiration from the world around us, whether that be a season, location, or even humanity itself. Our intent is to encapsulate this muse, exhibiting an artistic rendition to the best of our abilities."

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Union Craft Brewing (Baltimore, MD)
Situated along the Jones Falls river, in the historic Woodberry neighborhood of Baltimore, the Union Craft Brewery makes good beer and good company. With reverence for tradition and place we brew beers that unite old and new ideas, the science and craft of brewing, and boldness and balance of flavor. Founded in the fall of 2011 by Kevin Blodger, Adam Benesch and Jon Zerivitz, brewing operations officially began in the spring of 2012 with the installation of a 20 barrel brewhouse and the initial launch of Duckpin Pale Ale.

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Union Craft Brewing