DC BRAU - Washington DC's First Brewery Since 1956

The Pig Rabbit will be happy to answer your questions!

Q: I like the DC Brau cans, can you tell me more about the can design?
A: We're really happy that you like our can design. It was done in-house by our creative team, and has lots of sources inspiration.

The diamond pattern takes its cues from two places - The first being DC itself. The District of Columbia was a complete diamond of land, ceeded by both Virginia and Maryland in 1791. In 1846, the territory that was originally part of Virgina, was taken back in what is known as the District of Columbia "Retrocession".

The second source of the design inspiration comes from the blue and white diamond flag of Bavaria. The German state of Bavaria is the origin of the Reinheitsgebot, or "beer purity law", initially established by the Duke of Bavaria for the City of Munich in 1487.

Bavaria also plays host to the world famous Oktoberfest and is the home of Augustiner, Hofbräu, Weihenstephaner and many, many more breweries. Our name "DC BRAU" comes from the German "to brew", and we take the long tradition and art of brewing seriously.

The packaging also typically includes a "factoid" about DC itself, voting rights, scandals, history, or other bits of trivia that we thought would be fun to know and discuss while sipping your favorite brew.

Q: Do your cans contain BPA?
A: Currently there are no cans available that are BPA free. However, there is research that suggests that the amount of BPA in cans is minimal and that the threat is also minimal since cans are never heated. High levels of heat are what cause the BPA to leach into food products/beverages.
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Q: Do you ship beer or glassware like growlers or those really cool can glasses?
A: We do not ship beer under any circumstances. All of our glassware and growlers is available for sale during Saturday Growler Hours and from our online store, when available.

Q: Do you sell kegs of beer directly from the brewery?
A: We did for a short time, but we no longer sell kegs directly to consumers. There are several liquor stores in DC that sell kegs directly to consumers. Ask your local liquor and beverage store!

Q: Can you donate beer to my fundraiser/charity/non-profit? -or- Can you sponsor my event or team?
A: Please see our Partners and Donations page for more information.

Q: Can I come work for you?
A: At this time, we are not accepting resumes for employment, internships, or mentor-ships. When positions become available, we will announce them on ProBrewer.com, FaceBook or Twitter.

Q: Where can I buy DC Brau?
A: Many local bars and restaurants in the Washington DC area carry DC Brau. Check our our Brau Finder. We also sell our current offerings directly out of the brewery. Follow us on FaceBook or Twitter for changes in our Growler Hours schedule.

Q: Do you guys offer tours? How can I visit the brewery?
A: We do offer tours! Click here for more information.

Q: Are you guys a brewpub?
A: DC Brau is Washington DC's first production brewery in almost 60 years! A production brewery, in our case, produces cans and kegs of beer for sale through our distributor. We also offer growler-fill and can sales in our tap room.

Also, while we don't make our own food, we often have gourmet food trucks on-site during the Growler Hours. Follow us on FaceBook or Twitter for updates!

Q: How can I get involved?
A: There are several ways you can help DC Brau!

Support your local bars, restaurants, and stores that carry DC Brau. Tell your friends and co-workers that fresh, locally produced beer has come to DC If you are a Washington DC resident, become more politically aware! We are also interested in voting rights for Washington DC (Contact DCVote.org for more information) At upcoming events, we may have promotion teams to hand out buttons and stickers. Keep checking our FaceBook or Twitter pages for upcoming events.

Q: Can I meet you all some time?
A: Brandon, Jeff, and the DC Brau team are often out and about! Check our FaceBook or Twitter pages for appearances and events we are participating in.

Q: I'm a bar or restaurant owner or alcohol purchaser, who distributes your beer?
A: Please check out the Brau Finder page for our list of distributors.

Q: Help, my question's not answered here, how can I contact you?
A: Try our Contact form. We try to answer emails as quickly as possible.